30 by 6 x 6

Today I am starting a 30 day project, "30 by 6 x 6". For thirty consecutive days I will create an encaustic painting at the size of 6"x6". I've wanted to do this for a long time but lack of time was always my reasoning. No longer a valid excuse! It will be a good exercise for me to work on small panels and not be concerned with size or subject. As I continue to work on commission pieces and large scale paintings, it's nice to take a step back and work on something small but personal.

Here's what I created today:

Day One,  encaustic and image transfer on panel, 6"x6", 2014

Day One, encaustic and image transfer on panel, 6"x6", 2014

A painting everyday for thirty days. I've never painted that many days in a row before! I'm anxious to see what I can create in a short amount of time each day. No matter what else I'm working on, I will take time out of every day to devote to this project. I will post an image each day, even if it turns out unsuccessful in my eyes! Promise. :)

Panels primed and ready to go!

Panels primed and ready to go!

I believe this project will lead me into the core of what's within me. I always paint from the heart but this is also a time for me to experiment with no restrictions, without overthinking it or overworking it. I invite you all to follow me during these next thirty days! Thank you in advance for your feedback and support.

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