Slowing down

In the last few weeks I've been trying to paint as much as possible. I've been working on small panels which help me get in the experimental groove and not worry about making art. I wouldn't say I'm rushing, instead slowing down. By experimenting with the techniques I learned with Shawna Moore, I am taking a new approach entirely. She brought up an interesting quote today on Facebook from one of her workshop students. I agree with this thought:

She wrote, "Perhaps one of the nicest post-workshop comments I have ever received from a student in Toronto:  "I really enjoyed learning the techniques you demonstrated (smooth layers, "whispers" and "kisses" of colour, calligraphic marks etc.) but what I thought was more important for me was your approach to painting, which I would describe as "calmly meditative." With these words, and "keep it simple" in my mind, I hope to slow down and engage with the process a little more reflectively, cleanly ........ and calmly -  instead of just charging in and slopping on the wax.  My yoga instructor is always using the words "no rush, no hurry" and these words came to mind as I watched you work."

Slowing down is a challenge for me. Engaging with the wax. Let the paint settle. I am really enjoying the process.

No rush, no hurry.